The Sixties was a cool time

At least the parts I can remember......

Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll was the scene.  But I never inhaled and my girl friend Mariane liked Mars Bars.

I played, very badly and only one chord, a bass guitar in a band. It only had four strings and these were easy to count when stoned.

I also chose the bass because was bigger than all the other guitars, which was, hopefully, a coded signal to the girls watching.  Not a very subtle one I admit now but, at the time, testosterone was in control..

As the song goes: "A wasted youth is better by far than a tired and productive old age"

I have matured over the years and searched hard and long for the Meaning of Life.

I visited the Oracle at Delphi but it didn't seem to be finished. I sought wise men form the East but they also failed to answer my questions. Then one day in the Himalayas I finally met the One who could answer my quest. I wasn't allowed my camera so I had to sketch the scene and record the answer to the Meaning of Life, the Universe and everything.

Click on the Hippy for the answer.

Another secret  of life about the Scots,
which I personally expose here.